For Retailers, A.I. is No Longer a "Nice to Have".  It's a "Must-Have".

Higher consumer expectations and more competition have created a more challenging pricing environment for retailers.

Today, retailers need to capitalize on their data to determine the "right" prices for promotional,regular and marked down products.

The key to success is leveraging A.I. to analyze massive amounts of data to deliver pricing recommendations that drive higher sales and profits.

This free eBook explores topics like:

  • Why retailers need to consider A.I. over predictive analytics. A.I. looks at what happens AND simulates billions of future scenarios beyond human capability.
  • Why accurate pricing matters more than ever. Retailers need to be smarter about pricing decisions to deal with players such as Amazon.
  • The future of grocery pricing, and how successful grocery, online or off-line retailers depends heavily on a powerful pricing strategy.
  • A look at how Daisy's technology helps retailers with product promotion, pricing, and demand forecasting optimization.