Identify Risk and Avoid Fraud with the Halo Effect

Using Halo Based AI to minimize fraud, lower false-positive rates and increase automation for low value high volume claims

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Proactively tackling fraud without slowing claims processing in insurance has never been more critical with many insurers still uncertain as to how the pandemic has shifted the landscape and its impact.

Insurers have been faced with unprecedented demands on their business testing their resilience under extreme circumstances. However, two things are clear; the inability for insurance companies to proactively identify and mitigate emerging fraud threats is no longer an acceptable business practice; and customers continue to demand faster, easier and better service from their insurance providers.

This whitepaper explains:


How to combine human expertise with contextual guidance from AI to minimize labor and claim costs while increasing claim throughput and fraud avoidance.


How to lower investigative false positive rates using fuzzy logic based AI.


How to ensure that automated decisions or recommendations are ethical, explainable and contain no bias.



Understand how to identify complex outliers or Halo Effect that is indicative of fraud and risk.