Make Impactful Merchandising Decisions with an Automated End-to-End Workflow for Retail Planning


Discover how Daisy is guiding retailers to make better merchandise planning decisions

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Daisy works with retail organizations to support them in making impactful merchandise planning decisions – ones that drive larger baskets, produce higher consumer interest, and drive more transactions.

With our automated end-to-end planning platform, retailers are updating traditional merchandise planning processes and activities – streamlining internal systems to minimize manual work and planning time. 

In this third installment of our whitepaper series, explore the mechanisms that inform our AI-powered insights and discover how we’re guiding retailers to make better promotion, pricing, forecasting and ordering, assortment, and space planning decisions.

This whitepaper explains:


Daisy's end-to-end planning software and how it supports improved decision-making across merchandise planning processes. 


The mechanics that inform our technology and insights. 


How Daisy delivers and measures value for organizations and end users.